DIY Cheap Garmin Style Mount For iPhone


Garmin mounts have the best position- out in front. Easy to see, not in a way on the handlebars and right in the centre. The only problem is that most of us don't own device dedicated to cycling, but all of us have smartphones and that is exactly what we use to log our epic rides and track our progress on Strava.

There are few mounts for flagship phones like quadlock, but they also are very expensive, so I had an idea to make one for myself to use on the indoor trainer and later on roads as navigation.

I used parts from Aliexpress since they come from china with free shipping.

things you need is:

The total cost is around 10-15$. 

It works great indoors, and also for iPad to make indoor training sessions less boring.

For outdoor usage, I suggest getting a more expensive aluminium mount, so it won't snap in a pothole. It costs ~15$ bringing the total cost to 25$. Also for road usage, I suggest to remove self-adhesive glue from mount adapter and glue it to the case with a lot stronger glue like epoxy, the adhesive might lose its strength in harsh conditions- rain, extreme heat, etc.