Cheapest Car Audio Bluetooth Upgrade, Xiaomi Roidmi Review


Let's face it, outside is the year 2017 and no one is burning CDs anymore to listen to music in a car. Aux cable is nice, but wires tend to get tangled, look awful and is a chore to plug in and out, especially if you are driving 10 times a day somewhere.

My car is from 2003 and does not have Bluetooth or aux connection. It has a CD changer where you can plug changer emulator which can receive Bluetooth audio and then send to audio system, but it is expensive as hell- 500$ + installation. For some time I was using FM transmitter with aux input, but I did not like it because wire in a console is very ugly and I have to set it every time. Then I did 2nd iteration, bought a cheap Bluetooth receiver on eBay and connected it to FM transmitter, in this way I was able to plug it in passengers seat 12V socket away from eyes. Was working great, but still a little bit ugly.

Then I found Xiaomi Roidmi which basically is a charger with Bluetooth receiver and FM transmitter built in. The perfect solution for my problems and cheap way to upgrade your car audio to play music or anything from your phone.

It is very inexpensive, costs only around 30$, it is very compact and features 2 charging ports. Very handy if you have a dashboard camera and also want to charge a phone or use navigation.

The packaging is a small box with Roidmi unit itself and set up guide. Setup is fairly simple, you need to download an app for android or iPhone. What I really don't like is that you need to create Xiaomi account or sign in with social network profile to use this app. When that is done, you need to plug Roidmi unit in your 12V socket in car and pair phone with the unit itself. Then you can adjust lighting and FM frequency. It also shows some other information like voltage in the socket and beeps when the voltage is too high.

The sound quality is really good, better than local FM stations in my opinion. I did not observe any background noise or impurities in sound. Device turns on together with a car, just turn on radio and press play on the phone, it will pair with Roidmi automatically and plays through Bluetooth. Roidmi also features a microphone for handsfree.

The charger is rated at 5V 2.4A and charges my iPhone very quickly, so tablets won't be an issue for it.

Does it have any issues? Unfortunately yes, because of very compact design, it does not have spring loaded side hooks like every other charger, and because of that device often comes out of socket just enough to turn off. The issue is my cars 12V socket, which is straight through pipe (Xiaomi says not compatible with Roidmi) but still works. If your socket has springs on sides, you will be fine and Roidmi will stay in socket. Phone often can't reconnect to Roidmi if you leave for couple minutes, like fill up the gas tank or go into the shop- then you need to restart Roidmi by unplugging it.

You can order it from Aliexpress, Amazon or eBay.