How to Import Zwift Rides Into Suunto Movescount


A year ago I bought Suunto Ambit3 Peak, I really like it and the movescount is one of the best activity analytics apps I have used.

The biggest problem is to keep data in 1 place. Unfortunately, the only way to import data in movescount is directly from a device or using MXActivity Mover. MXActivity Mover works only with polar and Garmin platforms, so we will need to use some middleware to make this somewhat autonomous.

  1. If you already don't have Strava account, make it and connect it to your Zwift account. If your Movescount account is paired with strava, make sure to disable syncing while you are using Zwift, otherwise Strava will have duplicate activities.
  2. Create account in Garmin Connect platform.
  3. With Tapiriik sync your Strava account with Garmin. At this point after each Zwift workout, your activities will appear in Strava and Garmin Connect.
  4. Download MXActivity Mover and under settings fill in Movescount and Garmin Connect credentials.
  5. Select "single" or "multi" and load activities from Garmin Connect. Press send to upload them to Movescount.
  6. Open Movescount and accept pairing with MXActivity Mover.