Crankbrothers Pedals Budget Maintenance and Refresh


Crankbrothers pedals are great and I absolutely love them, but cartridge bearings are not the most durable thing in the world and they wear out pretty fast especially if you ride in sandy or muddy conditions and dirt get inside the pedal. The original refresh kit is a bit expensive if you need just new bearings and bushings, but your seals and end caps are good.

The secret is that bearings and bushings are available in various sizes and crankbrothers does not use some specially made bearings, they are just conventional cartridge bearings and plastic bushings or needle bearings for older models (2015 and earlier). You can buy them in specialised bearing stores or order online.

How bearings are classified? The only classification you will need for most bearings and for crankbrothers pedals are inside diameter, outside diameter and width. Unregular shapes have more sizes, but for now, we will need only those 3.

So almost all crankbrothers pedals have identical bearings with some exceptions if your pedals are compatible with refresh kit these bearings will fit your pedals. The cartridge bearing size is 6x13x5mm and needle bearing or glide bushing size is 10x14x10mm. I suggest to buy glide bushing since needle bearings wear out very fast and their failure might damage cartridge bearing as well causing catastrophic failure - that is what happened with my 2015 eggbeater 3 pedals.

Where to get bearings? If you need them fast there are specialised bearing stores where you can buy them, just tell the size you need to a seller (6x13x5mm cartridge bearing and 10x14x10mm bushing, sometimes called as sleeve bearing).

I personally order them in bulk on the internet, aliexpress and eBay have great prices for ordering in bulk. For example, on I recently bought 6 bushings and 10 cartridge bearings for my eggbeater pedals, in total I paid almost 25$ which is exactly the same price refresh kit costs.

The only problem is that refresh kit comes with installation tool without which it is very hard to remove bushings. This tool is very simple steel rod 8cm long and 10.5mm in diameter. You can buy it online- amazon link. There is also huge chance that bearing store will have HSS (high-speed steel) 10.5mm rods. A longer rod is fine, only diameter has to be precisely 10.5mm otherwise it won't fit through the center of the pedal or will be too small to push the bushing out.