Slimfold Micro Soft Shell Wallet Review


Slimfold MICRO is a very thin wallet made out of Soft Shell which is fabric originally created for motorcycle wear. It is very durable and waterproof. It is meant to be extremely slim.


Slimfold MICRO Soft Shell wallet has 1 transparent pocket for ID on the left side, 2 quick access pockets for credit cards that can hold 4-5 cards on the right and 2 larger card compartments that can hold 3-4 cards each inside cash compartment. It is very light and thin, too small For me to be honest, there are small wallets and too small wallets.

Pros and Cons

I know that there is original size Soft Shell wallet, but this review is about MICRO.


  • The wallet is made out of fabric, if you are vegan, this might be important to you.
  • It is extremely thin, an empty wallet is just 3mm thick.
  • You can carry it in front pocket


  • Wallet is too small, it stops folding comfortably with cards in all compartments. There is a line where small is not functional anymore, sadly for me, this wallet is not functional.
  • It is too small for euro cash, everything bigger than 10 EUR paper has to be folded.
  • Back compartments for cards can't be accessed with cash in wallet
  • It is way too expensive- 45 dollars for laser cut cloth poorly sewed together is way too much
  • Quality- I would expect at least straight sewing lines for a product that is made in the USA with a 45$ price tag.
  • Can't hold 12 cards comfortably.
  • Lacks smart compartments, like for extra SIM card or something small like lucky coin or key.

Should you buy it?

I wouldn't buy it, because it is too small for euro banknotes, and it can't hold 12 cards which are the amount I'm carrying around daily. But if you carry less than 9-10 cards, Live in USA or country that has banknotes in similar size, do not carry a lot of cash and are looking for a wallet that comfortably sits in the front pocket, this wallet might be for you. 

I did use it for few days, then switched back to my Bellroy Hide&Seek because it is in a perfect size.

Anyway, if you want to check it out, here is the link to exact model I had, you can try bigger model and write in comments if it is better than MICRO.