Best iPhone Lightning Cable?


iPhone Lightning chargers are pain in the ass, they cost shitload of money and they come only with iPads, iPhones and few iPods, unlike micro USB cables that comes with literally everything these days, even my bicycle light came with one. Oh, and the worst part is they has to be certified by Apple, so cheap cable from Ebay most likely wont work.

There are a lot of great options starting with really cheap AmazonBasics Lightning cable and ending with Apples 19$ cable. The problem with these chargers are that they worn out quickly, since they most likely are the only cable you have.

And then there is Anker, something in the middle price range but at the top of quality, their braided cables are excellent. Very durable, perfect length if you mostly charge from laptop (90cm). Anker's cable have nylon outside for durability and increased strength, they come with nice velcro strap so the cable can be easily stored in backpack without tangling. Speed and power throughput is the same as for original cable. It even looks a lot better than just dirty white rubber cable. If you need spare cable, or just want to replace ugly Apple cable, this definately is one of the best choices right now. Anker's braided lightning cable costs 9.99$ and you can buy it on Amazon:

Anker braided nylon lightning cable