How to Get Your Picture in Search Results.


If you are writting blog like I do you probably want internet users to read it. How to get readers? One good way is social campaigns like post link to your article in twitter, facebook, reddit and other social media sites. Other way is to get high position in search results. Google has launched rich snippets to improve experience using google search engine, which is very usefull if you want to attract more readers or customers to your site.

I will share my experience setting up author picture next to search result. Things we need are:

  1. Google+ account
  2. about 20-40 minutes of your time
  3. Access to modify your website

If you don't have Google + account make one, spend some time to personalize it, add profile picture, some personal information, make it look real, and also try to use it time after time.

Next we will need to confirm e-mail in Google+, to do so, just go to "About" tab, Contact information and press "Edit", add your email adress, save and then press verify. You will receive e-mail from Google+ with verification link and your e-mail will be verified.

Verify e-mail on Google+

Next thing we will do is setting up Contributors links on Google+. In the same "About" tab go to "Links" section and add your blog home page as "Contributor to".

Contributor to links in Google+

That is pretty much everything we have to do on Google+, now we are going to move to our blog. We need to set up simple container containg few words about author. I did mine with my picture and few words about myself- you can see it at the bottom of the page. The most important part is the link to Google+ account.

<a rel="author" href="">Google+</a>

This link have rel="author" and ?rel=author parameters, which indicates that this Google+ user is author of this article. When your Author container is finished, you can check if you suceeded here. That is Google rich snipets tool, which will show, how search result will look in google, if you did everything correct you should get something like this:

google rich snippet tool

And don't worry if you don't see results in Google right after, it usually takes about week to apear in actual results.