Last Year in a Nutshell


Year is almost ended and I want to make some sconclusion for myself atleast, what were achieved, what was lost. 

My webdeveloper career literaly started at 1st of January. At the beggining of the year 2013 I suggested to a friend, that I could try to make website for his bar. At that moment I had only basic html knowledge, from time when I was 14 and started to make html websites and just edit ready templates. I didn't even know how to use CSS.

That didn't go well, atleast from friend side- I was great, I was rockstar, in less than 3 weaks from 2nd year student who had really hard time to create if loop in Pascal I become developer, who turned his Raspberry Pi into webserver, learned basic php, css, html, SQL. Site design was poor, since I made it, I have no artistic talant, but funcionality was really great. Site had upcoming events board, blog style news board, drinks menu, gallery from events, info page and basic content managemen system created by myself with help from great Latvian web development forum-

In march, while I was in the trip to Italy to snowboard for a week, I made Runescape highscores for Latvian community. I made this literaly in 1 week- 4-5 hours a day. I know it looks like piece of garbage, but funcionality is what matters in this case- to have first automated highscores for oldschool servers in Latvia.

Few weeks after that I was getting tired of asking texts to include in static pages for bar website and project just died, but I did not stoped. whole time I was studying, doing small projects for myself and gathered courage to ask my classmate, if hers parents- small business owners in my hometown, wouldn't like cheap website, which would replace their old one as more professional and better one.

That project went really good, in less than 2 months Beauty care center "Mora" webpage was launched and hosted on my Raspberry.

After Launching Mora's website came summer, I was working in my fathers company as car town truck driver and in evenings I was learning the code. That is how Runescape Oldschool experience tracker was made. That was my attempt to create something good, and try to earn money from adsense. That didn't go well, I'm receiving about 0.10$ every month from this project with ~20-40 daily hits. But main purpose was learning and I'm not upset about that

In the end of summer I bought laptop as gift to my girlfriend and moved server to her old laptop. 

I started to learn OOP PHP, in september I completed another website, which is made in OOP style, previos clients suggested me as right person for the task. Fox Auto is also small car repair shop in my hometown.

Month from then I started to rebuild my personal site, which is this one you see, still in process because I'm lazy piece of shit.

Meanwhile I applied for work in 10 web development companies in Latvia, only got 1 response from my current boss, he gave me some test tass, which I completed and started educational training in company, after a month I started to work on actual projects, mainly front end. I am working only with Magento eCommerce projects, which is great, I'm learning so many things so fast at work, my collegues are really great, helpfull, pleasure to work there, and I'm glad that was only company which responded to my e-mail.

Besides of coding I celebreted 3 year aniversary with my girlfriend, we moved in together. We got a dog, which celebrated 1 year birthday this august.

Recently I switched to Mac from windows, which is great, I was sick of microsoft bullshit.

Changed car to older with higher milage but overall better.